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Team Jacob by Heartless-Eyes Team Jacob by Heartless-Eyes
I'm going to be doing a series of Twilight related Icons or banners or whatever you want to call them. So if you would like to request one, feel free just send me a note or comment saying "Can you make a Team _____ for me?" the blank is a space for you to fill in Edward or Bella for example. I'm open to any Twilight character. You can even put Team Switzerland if you want.
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can you make one of team bella ! team jacob rocks but he looks alittle like justin bieber ! i'm not saying it bad i love team jacob and justin bieber so te work of this picture is 100,000,000,000% jacob awsome !
VampireGirl444 Jul 29, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Team Jacob, thats for sure! :D LOOOOVE HIM!
Jacob plox -droolz- i like'm hot ;] -sizzles-
lol thaks. ^^ he is pretty dang hott if I do say so myself. although I'd personally prefer a cross between Edward and Jacob. I like some qualities in both of them.
butt-munchh--x Jan 28, 2009
OMG he's so frickin' ADORABLE!! (insert squee noise here)

..Okay, I'm done.

..SOrt of..
Go Jacob!! WHOOT!
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